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TOMORROW: Onaqui day of action!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Tomorrow is our rally to save the Onaqui wild horse herd. You can participate ONLINE!

Tomorrow is our day of action to save the Onaqui wild horses. Join us – in person or from afar! – as we protest the BLM’s cruel plans to round up 80% of this beloved herd.

Here are all the ways you can take action (and get #SaveOnaqui trending!)

Share our images with #SaveOnaqui on Facebook and Instagram. We’ve put together some beautiful graphics of the Onaqui horses free on the range – simply download and share! Let’s create a storm!

Tweet at leaders with #SaveOnaqui, to help us raise awareness and send a message! Let them know you’re fighting their plans to destroy the Onaqui herd.

Post on the Interior Department’s Facebook page to let them know you’re fighting to preserve the Onaqui wild horse herd.

Add the #SaveOnaqui Facebook frame to your profile picture. It’s a simple way to raise awareness within your networks and encourage other supporters!

Make the phones ring! Call BLM Utah, (801) 539-4001 and BLM National, (202) 208-4896.

I am calling to urge you to urge the BLM to cancel the Onaqui wild horse roundup and expand the existing PZP fertility control program instead. This will save taxpayers millions of dollars and will allow these cherished horses to stay free with their families. Thank you.

Follow along on our Facebook page tomorrow, and share #SaveOnaqui posts as we hold a rally and press conference at the BLM’s Salt Lake City office. The rally starts at 11:00 AM MT, to urge the BLM to forgo the removal of the beloved Onaqui wild horses and instead work with advocates to expand the fertility control program as an alternative to cruel removals from the range.

Rally to #SaveOnaqui
Friday, April 5, 2019 @ 11:00 AM MT
440 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT


Together, we have the power to change the BLM’s cruel plan to destroy the wild Onaqui herd – but we need all of our supporters to tune in and make noise! Join us tomorrow, and make sure one of America’s most famous herds is left to live free for another day.



Tales of Onaqui


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Kimerlee Curyl is a renowned fine art photographer who has been working amongst the Onaqui wild horses since 2009. She is one of many artists who has come to know the herd very well, in a place that now feels like home.

We can’t let these beautiful horses, who have roamed Utah since the 1800s, lose their families and their homes in a BLM roundup.

Chip in now to help us rally the public and political support needed to fight the BLM’s cruel plan for the famed Onaqui horses.

Photo by Kimerlee Curyl

Kimerlee explains just how important these horses are:

“My first journey to the area was in 2009. While numerous visits have followed, I will never forget the magic and mystery of that initial trip. The Onaqui horses have called the historic Pony Express Trail in Utah home for generations. To remove them from this territory – one they once helped man traverse in the name of special interest – is a betrayal to our past, especially when access to cost-effective solutions have been offered and declined by the BLM. They are woven into the fabric of this landscape and deserve solutions to be expanded upon. They deserve to be here.”

Photographers like Kimerlee come from all over the world to visit and photograph these wild horses. But in a few short months, 80% of the herd could be gone forever.

Donate now, and help us work to save the Onaqui wild horses.

Thank you,



Only 120 horses will remain


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The BLM is full steam ahead with plans to round up and capture 80% of the famous Onaqui herd in Utah. But we can’t let up.

We still need 5,318 more signatures to reach our goal before April 5, when we are delivering our petition and holding a rally outside of the BLM’s Salt Lake City office. We need your help.

Chip in now, and take a stand to protect the Onaqui wild herd.

There are only 486 wild horses in the Onaqui herd. If the BLM gets their way, only 120 horses will remain on over 240,000 acres.

There are humane ways to manage wild horse populations that the BLM is just not using. Instead, the agency wants to move forward with an inhumane roundup, using helicopters to chase the horses for miles. Once captured, the horses will be forced to spend the rest of their lives in holding pens and pastures, adding to the millions of dollars taxpayers are forced to spend on this ineffective and mismanaged federal program.

The Onaqui horses are irreplaceable – not just to America as a symbol of our freedom and our heritage, but to the local communities who benefit from the tourism dollars brought by wild horse admirers and photographers.

Please help us keep the Onaqui wild horses wild. Donate now to support our efforts to save the herd.

Thank you,



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