They pulled the plug

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Since 2013, our organization worked in concert with the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) on a successful, community-based wild horse management program. It has been an incredible private-public partnership using zero taxpayer funds to humanely manage the Virginia Range horses using birth control (PZP).

In four short years, our program has effectively reduced the Virginia Range wild horse population (estimated at 3,000 horses) by 500 through humane birth control and rescue – without any horses going to the slaughter auction. We’ve spent over $400,000 to protect these cherished mustangs and our local coalition partners have contributed thousands of volunteer hours.

Last week, the NDA terminated this successful program. Out of the blue. And there’s no explanation other than politics. Without our program, more horses will be born, more horses will be removed from the range and horses will go to the slaughter auction. 

Will help us fight back? We can’t let the forces that want to slaughter wild horses win! 

1. Call Governor Sandoval’s office at (775) 684-5670

Tell him: I’m calling to ask Governor Sandoval to restore the Virginia Range Horse Cooperative Agreements with the American Wild Horse Campaign. Governor Sandoval should not turn his back on this successful community partnership that’s bringing private dollars and volunteer resources to protect public safety and humanely manage these cherished mustangs. Nevada taxpayers and these historic mustangs deserve better.

2. ADD YOUR NAME –> Tell Nevada Governor Sandoval: Keep community-based, humane wild horse management program.

Our local coalition partners and Nevada citizens have been calling. They’ll be visiting the Governors office and holding events. Will you stand with them by calling and signing the petition today? 

Thank you,

Suzanne Roy