Our Colorado ads campaign is already working (!!) Take a look >>

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Earlier this week, we emailed you about the campaign we’ve launched to educate Colorado residents about the atrocities the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is committing against the Piceance wild horses right now in their backyard.

And, our campaign is already working. Take a look: 

Not only is our campaign getting news hits across several of the major media outlets in Colorado — our ads are also making their debut in these very same publications (!!) Donate now to keep up the momentum and help us keep our ads live. >>

— Taken from The Colorado Sun

This campaign would not be possible without the generosity of dedicated supporters like you. You’ve powered our work thus far — in courts, on the Hill, in the field — and now online and on our TV screens.

We’re grateful to have supporters like you by our side, but we cannot grow complacent now. So far, 512 wild horses have already been captured in the BLM’s Piceance roundup — and 95 of the captured animals? Innocent baby foals. 

Our campaign is working, but we must continue to put pressure on the BLM to turn towards more humane in-the-wild management. Management that doesn’t break apart family bands, remove innocent animals from the public lands they call home, or cost them their lives.

Please, if you’re with us in the fight to protect Colorado’s wild horses and wild horses across the West, donate to power our campaign today and keep our ads on the air.


Thank you for your continued support.

The AWHC Team