Not on our watch


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:


That’s how many wild horses and burros the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to remove from the wild this year. And sadly, that astounding number is just the beginning of the agency’s multi-year-long effort to rid western public lands of most of these iconic animals.

But not on our watch.

We are preparing for the major battles ahead and attacking disastrous proposals and programs with everything we’ve got. One way we do that is in the courts. Will you please chip in to our Legal Fund and help us fight back?

When our team heard about an influx of BLM mustangs and burros to kill pens, we investigated and documented a clear link between the BLM’s cash incentive adoption program and the increased number of wild horses and burros being sold at slaughter auctions. We got the New York Times to expose it.

Then we filed suit.

That case is pending in the courts. Will you pitch in to support the legal fight to protect wild horses and burros from slaughter?

Any day now, the BLM will release a plan to conduct its final assault on the wild horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard. As if the recent removal of nearly 4,000 of these animals wasn’t enough, the agency has future plans to round up and remove every wild horse that lives in the Great Divide Basin and Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Areas (HMA), drastically reduce the number of wild horses living in the Adobe Town HMA, and either eradicate the White Mountain wild horses immediately or slowly over time, by leaving a non-reproducing population of 200 surgically sterilized mustangs. 

We are going to need your help to fight back. Please fuel our Legal Fund now.

We have a long road ahead of us, but our legal team has a nearly 90% success rate and stands at the ready. 

Please consider donating today.

For the 19,000, 

The AWHC Team

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