My view from the field


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

You’ve seen and heard a lot about this year’s brutal wild horse and burro roundups from us — but have you ever wondered what it would be like to observe one for yourself?
I used to, and that’s why I headed out to Utah to the Sulphur HMA. I wanted to observe for myself, but more importantly, I wanted to share the experience with you to give the full picture of exactly what we’re fighting to end — and why.
Watching this video isn’t easy. But it’s important to understand what’s at stake — and why we’re calling for a moratorium on roundups and an investigation into the BLM’s rampant animal welfare violations and failure to implement fertility control as a humane alternative to brutal roundups. I’m personally asking that, after you watch the video, you consider chipping in $15 to our Roundup Fund so we can put an end to these brutal practices as quickly as possible.

Please note: this video contains upsetting images of violence against wild horses.

AWHC’s roundup program — observing, documenting, reporting and holding BLM accountable — is a top priority for us. Often, we’re the ONLY ones in the field speaking up for those who cannot.
The freedoms, lives, health and well-being of the iconic wild horse and burro herds we love so dearly depend on our continued vigilance and effort, and we won’t let them down. Are you with me?
Watch our video first to see what a day at a roundup entails, and then please chip in to help us keep up this important work.

Thank you,

Brieanah Schwartz


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