Immediate Action Needed to Save Lady from Slaughter


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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Late last night, we got a Temporary Restraining Order from the U.S. District Court in Nevada to prevent the slaughter of Lady, a beautiful mare who belongs to a Nevada resident. Lady was rounnded up in an illegal capture operation two weeks ago conducted on private lands by the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe. We believe Lady and the other horses are in a New Mexico feedlot awaiting shipment to slaughter.

Please help us secure the cooperation of the State of Nevada to save Lady from slaughter. 

Deliver this message to the below officials:

“Please help save Lady from slaughter. Please have the Nevada Department of Agriculture immediately provide the location of the horses rounded up by the Paiute tribe two weeks ago and notify New Mexico authorities that the horses cannot be moved across the border into Mexico.” 

1. Attorney General Ford 

2. Governor Steve Sisolak

We have just hours left before the three-day weekend so please take action now to save Lady and the other horses! Please remember to be polite and respectful – it’s the best way to save the horses.

– AWHC Team


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