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The following is from TMR Rescue:

Help Save the Wild Burros and Mustangs

Wild horses and burros are quickly disappearing from our public lands. The round ups continue despite proof that the stated numbers on our public lands are far fewer than reported. Often, wild horses and burros adopted through the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) adoption program do not land in good hands. Especially, those who came out of the program from 15 years ago. This is because people don’t know how to train a wild equine so they end up forgetting about them. Or hurting them through the frustration caused by not knowing what to do. Here at TMR Rescue we are doing all we can to help these animals in need of a good home. TMR Rescue has over 60 wild burros with more on the way within the month. We also have 6 beautiful wild mustangs at the ranch that live along side one of our wild burro herds.


Some of our New Arrivals


New Wild Burros on the Run


Some of our Mustangs having a blast


Your donations will go directly towards taking care of our wild animals.

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