Fifteenmile Roundup would reduce local wild horse population by 86% (!)


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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Over the next two weeks, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will attempt to forcibly rip away nearly 700 wild horses in Wyoming from the Fifteenmile Herd Management Area (HMA), returning just 100 back into the wild.

For reference, that amounts to removing a staggering 86% of the entire wild horse population in the HMA.

This might sound blunt but: If you can, we need you to make a donation now to help AWHC keep our team in the field documenting these roundups and defending wild horses and burros against the most pressing threat of our generation.

We want to make this abundantly clear and transparent: Your support allows us to document these cruel operations so the public is informed, challenge the roundups when possible before they happen in Congress and in the courts, as well as fund our field programs where we PROVE that there is a better, more humane way to manage wild horses and burros.

The BLM wants to complete the Fifteenmile Roundup before the end of October if possible.

By the time the helicopters have cleared the area, as few as 100 wild horses could remain in the Fifteenmile HMA, which spans more than 70,000 acres. That is below the number of wild horses needed to maintain genetic viability.

Simply put, the Fifteenmile Roundup threatens to end the wild horse population in this area once and for all. And this is just the beginning of what is to come if Congress approves the BLM plan which would remove tens of thousands of wild horses throughout the West over the next ten years.

Time isn’t on our side. Help us continue to shine a spotlight on these cruel roundups and defend our wild horses and burros by rushing in a donation of any size →

Your support is making all the difference,

The AWHC Team


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