BREAKING: BLM resumes selling wild horses by the truckload


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We just received word — the BLM has scrapped a rule designed to prevent the sale of wild horses and burros for slaughter.

Can you pitch in right now to help us fight back?

Six years ago, the BLM was exposed for illegally selling almost 2,000 wild horses for to a Colorado kill buyer who sold them to slaughter plants in Mexico. 

In response to the scandal, the agency adopted a rule preventing the sale of more than four horses to one individual without written approval from the Assistant Director of the BLM. The rule was a safeguard against the sale of horses for slaughter.

But now, the BLM has rolled that back — and is selling wild horses by the truckload again!

The new rule allows BLM to sell up to 25 horses without special approval, and places no restriction on the number of times an individual can purchase horses.

At $25 per horse, this creates an powerful incentive for shady sales to unscrupulous buyers. The number of mustangs entering the slaughter pipeline is bound to skyrocket!

We’re mobilizing now to fight back — working with our allies on Capitol Hill, getting the word out to the national media about BLM’s latest move and exploring legal options. Can you help fuel our rapid response?

We’ll keep you updated on all of our efforts over the next few weeks. Thanks for standing with us.

– AWHC Team


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