MATCH: 48 hours


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Deadline: 48 hours. Can wild horses count on you?

We’re down to the wire. Our end of year fundraising deadline is only 48 hours away — and we haven’t yet heard from you.

If you’ve been holding off, here are five reasons to give now:

#1 The fate of wild horses is at stake now more than ever. Just this year we’ve seen some of the worst roundups yet, and we had to fight back attempts in Congress to legalize slaughter. We’ll have to continue the fight in 2019 to defeat the powerful special interests seeking to overturn protections for wild horses and burros against slaughter and mass sterilization. Help us win on Capitol Hill.

#2 We’re the most effective advocates for wild horses and burros in the country. We were party to seven lawsuits against the federal government this year — and we’re listed as one of the 30 Great Animal Organizations Worth Your Donations. We have to keep up the fight.

#3 We must unleash a massive grassroots and PR campaign to save the most visible and visited mustang population in the West — the famed Onaqui wild horses in Utah — and defeat a BLM plan to remove 91% of the herd in the Spring 2019. Please support us today.

#4 We must defeat the U.S. Forest Service’s plan to sell federally-protected wild horses in California for $1 a piece by the truckload for slaughter, and we must help rescue, when necessary and possible, wild horses facing this horrific fate. Help us keep wild horses out of the slaughter pipeline.

#5 If you donate right now, your tax-deductible gift will be matched. That means twice the impact for our work in 2019. Make your gift twice as powerful right now.

If we are not the voices of these majestic animals, who will be? Please make a contribution today.

Thanks for everything you do.


American Wild Horse Campaign Team


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