Another lawsuit — and we need your help


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Breaking news: We’ve just filed ANOTHER lawsuit against the BLM. This time, we’re challenging the agency’s decision to round up and permanently remove all wild horses from the Caliente Herd Area Complex –– an area of over 900,000 acres of public land in Nevada.

Almost 50 years ago, Congress unanimously passed a federal law to protect wild horses and burros – but that hasn’t stopped the BLM from taking away 41% of their habitat since 1971.

We’ve won litigation many times in the past, and created precedent that will protect horses for generations. These kinds of lawsuits are critically important, but they take resources.

Donate here to help us win this battle in court and help guarantee the rights of wild horses to live free on our public lands.

The Caliente wild horses will be rounded up and removed from their homes on the range to clear these public lands for more private livestock grazing. The horses will be thrown into feedlot pens — paid for by our tax dollars. 

Meanwhile, the BLM continually scapegoats a relatively small number wild horses for the destruction and overgrazing of public lands caused by massively larger numbers of domestic cattle and sheep.

This mass removal is one more chip away at the rights of wild horses and burros – but we’re standing up to say no more.

It’s time for the BLM to stop prioritizing ranching special interests and start honoring the wishes of Americans – that our iconic mustangs are protected and humanely managed on our public lands.

Chip in now to help fund our fight in court.

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