An Unusual Giving Tuesday …


The following is from Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue:



Unusual Giving Tuesday For SYA

Many of you have asked about the progress on regaining our non profit status. We’ve been working diligently to get it back. It’s been quite an uphill battle and is proving much more difficult than we anticipated. Here’s where we are; written by our secretary and new treasurer, Jean Cross.

This summer SYALER received a notice no nonprofit wants to hear. Our nonprofit status had been revoked due to the required 990s not being filed for three consecutive years. This came as a surprise to all of us. Our bookkeeper was sure she had filed at least the 2019 one, and we had copies of that file, which seemed to prove that. However, the IRS did not have any record of it and did not have any way of accepting it on its own at this late date. So, we were left to do the work and reconstruct the books for years. Our bookkeeper had gone silent. It may have just been too much for her to handle, we may never know. Our board being as small and tight as it is, jumped in to fill the gap. Bank accounts got new signers, QuickBooks got reconciled, and cash flow reports were run. This took a lot of time, as we had to recreate back to the beginning of 2019. The 990s were finished and mailed as of 11/21/2022. The required 1023 was filed on 11/20/2022. Now we wait. It could take as long as 18 months. Hopefully it won’t, but we have asked what do we do in the meantime?

This is what we do. We rally around the long ears. That is what we are all about. We have done what we can to make the IRS happy. When they reinstate our account, it will be reinstated back to the date they revoked it. All donations will still be tax deductible. This means, all of us will continue to work at what we do best. Hannah, Lauren and Laura will be seeing to the care of the farm and animals. Ann being our grounding support, Jean will be seeing to the books and reports, Elise will be supporting us by being our voice of reason.

We have taken in some animals this fall that have needed a lot of medical care, we are getting calls from people who need to surrender their animals to us before the worst of winter gets here. All that cost’s money. That is where you can help them, and us. Don’t be afraid of the punch to gut we received; we are more than that. You all have supported us through so much over the years. We are asking for that support again. The organizations that have graciously supported us in the past may not be able to until our paperwork comes back which means we will need the support of all you a little more this year then we have in the past. Please consider us when you plan your giving Tuesday/ year-end gift giving. The long ears thank you, and we as the board thank you.


Ann Firestone

Hannah Allen

Elise Paffrath

Jean Cross

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Photos of animals currently in our care

Gandalf takes a drink of warm water dressed in his giant purple winter coat.

“Comfort in numbers.” From left to right, Athena, Apollo and Stephen all take an after breakfast nap together in the field.

Newest addition, Benjamin checks out his surroundings after coming off of the trailer and is welcomed to the rescue.

Athena walks up from the field for her breakfast mash.

Left to right, Betsy and Gandalf become friends though the fence before Betsy was let into the main herd.

Fern watching me throw hay in the field for her and her friends to eat.

Thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts, it’s for the equines that we keep on keeping on.

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