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  1. Paola Di Paolo
    August 5, 2018 @ 11:29 am

    Amazing. and thank you for the information re sarcoid treatment over time. Our mini donkey has a sarcoid in his ear, about 3 inches down from the tip. He had had one there before, 2 years ago, and the vet surgically removed it but did nothing more. the sarcoid returned this year. Our vet tried liquid nitrogen on it, but poor Gabriel ended up with terrible weeping dermatitis. My vet and I don’t know why – after the treatment I put a fly mask with ears on him as the bugs are bad here. When I took the mask off, some skin came with it! and then wherever little Gabe flopped his ears over, the dermatitis was there too! So we called our vet and he gave him an cortisone injection and I applied some cream. The dermatitis cleared up. But the sarcoid is still there. So then the vet and I decided to let things heal up and wait till the fall when less bugs. We wonder if there was a residue on the fly mask from the factory that reacted with the residue from the frozen nitrogen treatment. So we are going to tackle it surgically in a few weeks and the vet has a cream to put on after (maybe xterra?). In the mean time I have been applying turmeric/golden paste and the base of the sarcoid has decreased by 50% – that is where it attaches to his ear is way smaller.


    • Meredith
      August 31, 2018 @ 4:43 pm

      Sarcoids can be very tricky. I always consult with my vet and only put out the information that he has validated. He told me that they can be surgically removed if not in a highly vascular area and there should follow-up treatments after the surgery. If in a vascular area and even in some fatty areas, the Exterra (Xterra, sp?) has worked wonders. I would not cover the ear…just use fly spray (I use Farnum Tr-Tech 14). I do hope you can get it under control!


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