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It’s been awhile, and Matt and I have been running like crazy. We sorted once again this morning and he has 6 of our beautiful horses in the trailer on the way to their new homes at this moment. Last week we placed 6 of the babies and have more folks coming to pick up on Monday. THAT IS THE GOOD NEWS! THANK YOU for making that possible!

DESPERATE NEED – We need to raise funds for gates, panels and a nursery building so we can keep saving the orphaned and injured foals that are currently coming off the range in mass numbers. We need funds for vetting, milk replacer, hay, munchies etc. and to keep purchasing and saving these babies, and we have to do it now!


The “Orphanage” which was operated by another rescue in WA has officially been closed and what equipment was there has been removed. This is the ONLY PLACE where the trappers can drop off severely injured or ill foals so they have a chance for immediate and urgent care. “Mama Mel” is the one who lets us live for months on end in her driveway, and it was her place the babies were dropped at when there were life threatening emergencies”. She is the one who received the orphaned foals day or night and would take care of the ones needing critical care until we could get up there. Chilly Pepper has always taken the severely injured, critically ill and newborn foals, but as of now there is no place for them to be cared for in the meantime. I received a call that there are babies coming in and we need to have a place for them now!

These babies are run up to 100 miles in 100+ degree weather, often time left in the traps for 48 hours with no food or water, can have life threatening injuries and are then left by the other rescue for up to 2 days or more before they are picked up and driven 4? hours. They are then put into a large round pen where it takes additional time (days or more) to be caught and sorted. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

We need to set up at Mel’s again, and her place will be a satellite of Chilly Pepper as we already spend months out of the year their rescuing these orphans anyway. We have more babies waiting for us (and adults too) at this moment.

MANY OF THE INJURIES ARE FROM THE BARB WIRE TRAPS. I was horrified to find out that they are not pens using barb wire fencing, it is barb wire strung through the trees and bushes where the horses cannot see it and run straight into or through it. We saw many of these injuries and they need IMMEDIATE TREATMENT! Tetanus can set in quickly, and it can be life threatening.

Thankfully MOST OF THE TRAPPERS DO NOT USE this method, but unfortunately a few do, and we saw many injuries with these last foals.


This is personal, and difficult to share, but it directly affects our rescue. It is not for pity, but just the plain truth so we can continue with our rescue. We need to raise at least $2500 for gates etc. for our place and for doing the foals in WA. I went to the Doc and found out some really horrible news about my leg. Instead of doing my 4th knee replacement and 45th plus?? something surgery, I was told there is basically no hope.

Doc said he can’t believe I am even walking on it, albeit it only sometimes. I use my crutches and my wheelchair as little as possible, but I have been ordered to wear a brace and use a cane every single day, if I want to have a chance of staying mobile. (I have seen specialists from one end of the country to the other, but I did have a tiny bit of hope that there might be some help.)

My leg feels like it will break again, just like it did before I took that fateful step and my femur snapped in half. Basically my knee and entire leg is on beyond borrowed time, so that means I need to make sure I am as safe as possible. That means putting in gates as I am not allowed to climb over panels anymore. Mama Mel was also badly injured this spring when she was climbing over a panel due to a lack of gates. If we are going to continue doing this work, we HAVE to make sure we are as careful as humanly possible.

What is really scary is that one wrong step could be the end of my leg, or it would be much worse, and with my nerve disease it could mean no prosthetic. I do this work on crutches a lot of the time, but the Doc is extremely worried about what is going to happen and would like it if I stopped doing what I have to do every day to take care of these kids.

I told him I want to ride my horse and he basically said I have nothing to lose. Apparently the danger of me getting “broken” walking is no less than falling off my horse. Of course I was feeling all sorry for myself (now I have to cut my boots because of my dumb brace), and immediately saw people who made me so ashamed. So I am going to put on my Big Girl Panties and do what we do, although very carefully, and appreciate all the blessings that God has given us.

So the choice is to stop rescuing these horses, or do it better in a much safer manner as long as I can. Something as simple as having enough money to buy gates can literally make the difference between our rescue surviving and saving more lives, or for me to end up in the hospital and my wheel chair permanently.

Sorry for the long post, but we absolutely HAVE to get the new nursery up and running immediately, and I had to be honest about the possibility of things changing at our rescue. (And y’all know I would be out there in my wheel chair LOL, but it would so not be as effective as what we do now.)

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