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Head West for your next summer read

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We know how much our western-roaming mustangs mean to you and we thank you for your unwavering support in our mission to preserve wild horses on public lands. That’s why we’re excited to share with you our news about the ebook, Tales From Big Country. 35% of proceeds directly fund AWHC for our work to preserve America’s wild horses. Tales From Big Country features a 13-story collection by international bestselling and award-winning authors whose works have been published in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. From the big skies of Montana to perilous rides with the Texas Rangers, you’ll read tales of civilization in the lawless frontier, stories of Native Americans, fables of romance, horror, and everything under the sun. Pre-order your ebook* today for just .99 cents and on August 14th it will be delivered to your iPad of Kindle! Thanks for your support! The AWHC Team Buy Now ...
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Our next deadline

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Here's your latest wild horse status report. With the dust barely settled after the Triple B roundup last week, we’re headed to the Pine Nut wild horse roundup in Nevada on Monday. As I write this, tens of thousands of wild horses stand in government holding facilities, and we wait with bated breath for the BLM’s decision on whether or not it will proceed with gruesome sterilization experiments on wild mares. With tactical lawsuits, advocacy on the Hill, implementation of humane fertility control, and documentation in the wild, we continue with crucial actions to make roundups a thing of the past. That's why, last week, we extended our fundraising goal to $100,000 to fight these cruel stampedes. Your donation today will help us gear up for the next fights to protect wild horses on Monday – and save more of these beautiful creatures from suffering the same cruel fate we’re witnessing now. Here are some of the actions we take to end roundups:
  • With field representation and filmmakers on the ground at each roundup, we’re gathering footage for educational videos to share with the public and lawmakers.
  • On Capitol Hill, our legal team is educating key members of Congress to combat a dangerous plan to round up and remove up to 130,000 wild horses over the next 10 years. (That’s more than exist on the range today.)
  • With litigation funding, we’re building specific cases for roundup-related lawsuits -- like our case to save wild horses near Caliente, Nevada where BLM is planning to remove 100% of the herds.
Donate today to take action with us. Your support is key as we continue asserting to stand as the last line of defense between our wild horses and burros and the corporate livestock industry that seeks their destruction. Thank you for standing with us, Suzanne Donate ...
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In photos: Why we fight for 🐴🐴🐴

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: It's hard to fathom the shocking reality of roundups unless you've witnessed one. Helicopters stampeding terrified herds across public lands in the brutal summer heat. Foals separated from their mothers, often dropping to the ground due to exhaustion. Crowded pens pulsing with masses of wild horses, trapped within. When the Triple B wild horse roundup concluded last week, 802 horses were captured. Fourteen wild horses died. That's why we work hard to keep representatives in the field — present for every roundup — so we can document the stampede and keep you informed, as gut-wrenching as it truly is. Below are images and videos we captured of the recent Triple B roundup. We are in court, in Congress, and on the range fighting to keep wild horses in the wild. Will you make a contribution to AWHC right now so we have the resources to keep up the fight? This documentation demonstrates greed and cruelty, a reality in which private ranchers and commercial interests dictate what happens to your wild horses roaming your public land. Donate today to fund our field representation so we can keep you informed and strengthen our case against the Bureau of Land Management. Until roundups cease, these wild horses and thousands more across the West await an uncertain fate. Until then, our work continues. - The AWHC Team Donate ...
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We are the last line of defense for America’s wild horses

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Earlier this month, we set an ambitious fundraising goal of $50,000 to document the BLM’s roundup season, which began in Nevada’s Triple B Complex. That was before this week’s Senate hearing on the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program – a one-sided affair for cattle industry lobbyists, and not a single advocate for preserving America’s wild horses in the wild. Thanks to you, we hit our $50,000 goal this week. The response from supporters like you has been an incredible boost during the hardest time of the year for wild horses. But to fight back against the stacked proceedings in the Senate – at the same time as the BLM’s terrifying and cruel roundups continue in the West – we’re now raising our goal to make sure everyone, from the American people to their elected leaders on Capitol Hill, sees how inhumane and unnecessary the BLM roundups really are. We’re doubling down to fight the threats to wild horses and burros. Will you make a donation to help reach our new $100,000 fundraising goal, so we can continue fighting for wild horses in Washington, DC and on our Western public lands? Thanks to your support, we’ve been out at the Triple B roundup in Nevada these past few weeks — with heartbreaking photo and video evidence that will long outlast this roundup. Just over 800 horses lost their freedom at Triple B this month; 16 of them lost their lives. These include five tiny foals, one of whom was too weak to stand after withstanding a miles-long helicopter stampede and another who died of water toxicity, likely a result of the BLM’s failure to give the vulnerable baby electrolytes after an arduous run in summer heat left him stressed and dehydrated. We’ll use this evidence for the battles ahead. This week’s Senate hearing wasn’t just about laying the groundwork for more roundups. The cattle industry lobbyists and BLM want money to surgically sterilize wild horses who remain in the wild, by castrating stallions and ripping out the ovaries of wild mares in dangerous and painful surgeries. The cattle industry’s path forward leads to one place — mass destruction... of wild, free-roaming horses in the wild, and of those in captivity whose days will be numbered when the government funding to care for them runs out. We’ve increased our fundraising goal because this week’s Senate hearing proved, ...
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Feel Good Friday (to start your weekend right!)

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Six horses were in a kill pen in Oklahoma, one day away from shipping to slaughter, when AWHC supporters stepped in to save them. Yesterday, these lucky horses arrived in California, where they will spend the rest of their lives in a safe place. The “Oklahoma Six” are four BLM mustangs and a quarter horse mare and foal – just three weeks old! Earlier this week, you helped us raise enough money to bail them out from the kill pen and transport them from Oklahoma to two of our great sanctuary partners in California. Three of the mustangs are young and unhandled. One is a 2-year old filly who was in the BLM’s holding facility in Pauls Valley, OK less than three months ago. Their quick turnaround from wild and free on the range, to BLM holding pens, to the slaughter pipeline tells a cautionary tale about the ultimate fate of the thousands of federally protected mustangs that are rounded up and removed from our public lands each year. Thank you to everyone who stepped up to save these horses and to Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang for transporting them safely from Oklahoma to California. Special big thanks as well to our board members Alicia Goetz and Ellie Price and their sanctuaries – Freedom Reigns and Montgomery Creek Ranch – for giving these six lucky horses a safe place to live out the rest of their lives. We’ll be telling the stories of these horses in the coming days and weeks. Meanwhile, head over to our Facebook page for more info, photos and to share this Feel Good Friday story with your friends and family. Thanks! - AWHC Team PS – Help us help more horses like the Oklahoma 6 by contributing to our rescue fund today Donate ...
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