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Wild Mustang/Burro Campaigns

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For the ‘lead mares’ in your life

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We are thrilled to announce a partnership between CALLIDAE, the modern luxury equestrian lifestyle brand, and the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) in an effort to protect and preserve America's Western wild horses. This collaboration, known as "The MARE Project," aims to raise awareness and drive progress in safeguarding these magnificent animals. SHOP CALLIDAE's commitment to social and ecological responsibility aligns perfectly with the mission of the AWHC. Through The MARE Project apparel campaign, 15% of the proceeds from sweaters, tee shirts, and other items featuring "MARE" and "Lead MARE" logos will be directed to support the AWHC's vital work from today until September. The MARE Project draws inspiration from the role of the lead mare in wild horse communities. In a herd of wild horses, the lead mare's wisdom and experience make her the true leader. This project serves as a daily reminder of the power of collective action, led by females, to drive progress. SHOP AWHC actively engages in advocacy, lobbying, and on-the-ground conservation efforts to ensure the preservation of wild horses in their natural habitats. By joining forces with CALLIDAE, we aim to raise awareness among the US equestrian and horse communities while promoting the importance of protecting these beloved animals. We are honored to have the support of renowned celebrities and influencers who share our passion for this cause. Celebrities and influencers such as Julianne Hough, Nikki Reed, Beth Behrs, Brian Bowen Smith, and Millana Snow have joined us in opposing the cruel treatment of wild horses and supporting the AWHC's mission. Together, we can make a difference and ensure the preservation of America's Western wild horses ...

Happy Independence Day from AWHC!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Happy Independence Day! Today, and every day, we celebrate the values that make America what it is: liberty, honor, and pride. But as we spend time with our family and friends honoring the founding of our nation, it’s important that we remember those whose freedom is currently under threat. Photo by Sandy Sisti // Wild at Heart Images The American Wild Horse is a symbol of the core values that we honor today. Their resilience, strength, and untamed beauty embody the American spirit unlike any animal. But as we speak, wild horses across the West are losing their freedom due to brutal helicopter roundups conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The summer roundup season officially began this past Saturday, putting the lives of thousands of these majestic creatures in grave danger. These helicopter roundup operations are extremely stressful to wild horses and often result in them being severely traumatized, injured, or even killed.  We know it doesn’t have to be this way, Meredith. That’s why our team here at the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) is dedicated to ending these cruel helicopter roundups for good and shifting federal management of wild horses to more humane alternatives, such as fertility control vaccines. And today, on Independence Day, we pledge to keep up the fight for these horses and their uniquely American legacy.  Thank you, and Happy Fourth! American Wild Horse Campaign ...

Time is running out

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: time is running out, so I’ll try to keep this quick: In just a few short hours, the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) helicopters will take flight, marking the start of the summer roundup season. By the end of October, approximately 5,900 wild horses across the West will have lost their freedom, families — and, for some, their lives. Our magnificent wild horses and burros need you, Meredith. They need all of us to stand together and continue to strongly oppose the BLM’s deadly roundups.  Right now, we’re $9,612 away from reaching our $50,000 goal in preparation for another traumatic roundup season. Our team works day in and day out to uphold our promise to America’s wild horses and burros by ensuring their protection. We are tackling this issue from all angles, from sending observers to document the cruel roundups, to launching strategic lawsuits, to alerting the media and the public to the inhumanity these animals face, and finally, working to reform government policy through our work on Capitol Hill. But we need your help to keep the momentum going. Will you rush a donation before midnight tonight to fuel our efforts and help us reach our $50,000 goal? DONATE NOW → The funds we’ve raised will go far, but reaching our $50,000 goal ensures we have every resource necessary to fight back, document any tragedies, and save the lives of as many of these iconic wild animals as possible. So please, in these final hours before the roundups begin, will you donate whatever you can to help us reach our $50,000 goal and preserve the freedom of America’s wild horses and burros? Thank you so much — we literally could not do this work without you. For the wild ones, Suzanne Roy Executive Director American Wild Horse Campaign ...

That day, I lost half my family.

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: My name is Chance (that’s me at the front), and I’m really scared right now. I’m a wild stallion living with my family within the 1.1 million acres that make up the Antelope Complex in Nevada. It's my job to protect all of us from intruders and predators — but for the past few years, my herd has been targeted by “helicopters.” And now, they’re coming for us again this summer. DONATE NOW → When the helicopters descended on my family in 2021, we ran as fast as we could away from its deafening roar. But after over an hour of running, we were exhausted — especially my foals — and that’s when I noticed: The helicopters were funneling us into a trap. I had to do whatever I could to get us out, so I led my family up and over one of the jute barriers with the little strength I had left. I thought everyone was behind me, but when I looked back, half of my family had been captured. That day, I lost two mares whom I had been with for years, and all three of my foals. I don’t even know if they’re alive — I later learned that during this government “roundup” on the habitat I call home, 11 wild horses, including four babies, died at the trap, not even making it into the holding pens. The next series of roundups start tomorrow. My friends at the American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) are working hard to stop these brutal helicopter operations from being used against wild herds — can you please help them keep fighting for us by supporting their work today? DONATE TODAY I don’t understand why the government would do this to wild mustangs and our burro neighbors. Our friends at the AWHC say it’s because powerful ranching private interest groups have lobbied for roundup and removals in Washington for decades — they want to use more and more of the public land we live on to graze their privately-owned livestock since it’s subsidized by your tax dollars. But the AWHC is standing up for my family and all wild horse and burro herds across the West, both on the Hill and out in the field. We need them – and they need you. Without your support, they would not be able to do the necessary work to fight for wild horses like me. Can you ...

Your generosity allows us to be a voice for these innocent animals

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: In addition to documenting the cruelty that wild horses and burros are subjected to during Bureau of Land Management (BLM) helicopter roundups, my teammates and I investigate what happens to these innocent animals after they’ve been captured. Our Investigations Team files Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain government documents that reveal the harsh reality wild horses and burros face after they are rounded up and funneled into the BLM’s overburdened holding system. Our findings consistently show that the inhumane treatment these animals suffer continues well after the helicopters are grounded. HELP HOLD THE BLM ACCOUNTABLE Our FOIA work helps uncover indisputable evidence of the often unreported death toll of roundup operations, as well as the cruel impacts of the BLM’s holding system. For example, late last year, we filed FOIA requests that illuminated the deaths of over 30 burros at a Utah holding facility between August and September 2022. The records we secured revealed that six burros died from hemorrhaging during gelding, and four were euthanized. These same records showed that the majority of the burros died from a preventable blood disease that they can get when they experience extreme stress. Tragedies like this prove that the deaths don’t stop once the helicopters do. But if it weren’t for the work of our Investigations Team, the truth about what happened to these burros may have never been made public.  With thousands of wild horses in the BLM’s crosshairs this summer, we’ve set a goal of raising $50,000 before the start of the roundups to power our work to stand up for wild horses and burros – including funding our investigations program. Will you make a contribution to help ensure our Investigations Team has the resources we need to continue showing the American public the cruelty our wild herds suffer in BLM captivity? HELP US REACH OUR GOAL Just like our observers who document violations at roundups in the field, our investigations work has shed a light on some serious animal welfare concerns within the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program. In the past few years, FOIA has helped us to uncover:
  • The horrific slaughter pipeline resulting from the BLM’s disastrous Adoption Incentive Program (AIP) which has landed at least 1,100 wild horses and burros in kill pens since the start of our investigation;
  • The deaths of 16 horses at the U.S. Forest Service’s Double Devil ...