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Happy April Foals Day!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Happy April Foals Day!   Here at the American Wild Horse Campaign, we run a Foal Rescue Fund to provide vet and critical care, safe transportation for baby foals in need of medical attention, and the creation of field kits to provide immediate treatment to foals while volunteers are on the range. We have also provided funds to help build a critical foal care nursery, and to retrofit a retired ambulance to ensure that foals can be safely transported to get the care they need. This is not an April Fools joke: we need your help to fully supply our Foal Rescue Fund — to ensure that no foal is left behind! The more money we raise, the more we can help foals in need. Will you please donate as much as you can to bolster our Foal Rescue Fund today? On the Virginia Range, saving foals is a real community effort and we are proud to play a key role in it. On March 22, two AWHC fertility control volunteers came across a wild horse band with a tiny baby foal named Hazel.  They quickly realized the foal wasn’t with her mother and instead was with a guardian mare who wasn’t able to feed her. The team tried but was unable to locate her family. That’s when the community coalition sprung into action. The range management team at Wild Horse Connection (WHC) was contacted. WHC secured permission to help the foal, then dispatched the Technical Large Animal Rescue Team (TLAR) to execute the rescue mission. The filly went to LBL Equine Rescue to receive care while the local groups tried to locate her family. Hazel perked up with the loving care she received all night! Using their field knowledge and AWHC’s extensive wild horse identification database, the TLAR team tried to find Hazel’s mother the next morning — but a reunion was ultimately unsuccessful. Foals are so delicate, and any seemingly healthy one can crash quickly. That was the case with Hazel.  She had to be rushed to the vet clinic, where they put her on an IV and antibiotics after discovering she had intestinal inflammation and four different bacterial infections. Hazel also needed a plasma infusion to fight the infections, but she was quite the little fighter and the vets made sure she received the best care possible! We’re happy to say, Hazel was ...
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We could lose 40,000 wild horses… if you don’t act now

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: We could lose 40,000 wild horses if you don’t act TODAY! SJR 3, a resolution that calls on Congress to fund brutal helicopter roundups of at least 40,000 of Nevada’s cherished wild horses and burros, is being pushed by cattlemen, big game hunters and wildlife trappers who want to profit from the public land where wild horses roam. Nevada's wild horses belong to all Americans, so we need everyone to weigh in against this bill today. Please send an email to the Nevada Senate Natural Resources Committee and tell them that you oppose SJR 3: SenNR@sen.state.nv.us. Be sure to use the subject line "I oppose SJR3." Personalized emails will make the most impact! Use these talking points when sending your email:
  • SJR 3 supports brutalizing Nevada’s wild horses and burros and decimating their wild populations so cattle can graze the public lands where they live.
  • SJR 3 is against the wishes of 86% of Nevadans who want to protect and humanely manage wild horses and burros.
  • SJR3 supports spending $1 billion or more in taxpayer dollars on the failed approach of roundups instead of long-term solutions like fertility control.
  • SJR3 will harm Nevada ecotourism and business development because few of these iconic animals will be left for visitors and residents to enjoy.
  • SJR 3 would lead to slaughter because the cost of rounding up and incarcerating so many wild horses and burros would quickly become untenable.
It’s critical that you weigh in against SJR 3. Please email SenNR@sen.state.nv.us now! -- American Wild Horse Campaign DONATE ...
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Young horse lovers, get excited!!!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Young horse lovers can get excited! A new trailer for the upcoming movie, Spirit Untamed has just been released, including Taylor Swift’s re-recorded song, “Wildest Dreams.” In the movie, a girl and her new friends must save a wild herd of mustangs from rustlers. That sounds a lot like what the American Wild Horse Campaign is working on! Click here to check out the new trailer for Spirit Untamed and consider making a donation to support our work in the fields, in the courts and on the Hill to protect wild horses and burros. This movie provides a great opportunity to not only inspire a new generation of young horse lovers, but it also speaks to the very important issue of protecting wild horses. In fact, right now, the Bureau of Land Management is planning to round up and remove hundreds of Onaqui wild horses from the West Desert in Utah. We are putting together an action plan to protect this beloved herd and preserve their freedom, but we need your help. If you’re like the young person in the Spirit movie and you care about protecting wild horses, then please click here to watch the trailer and then donate $30 to our cause. Thank you, Suzanne Roy Executive Director American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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Thrilled about Secretary Deb Haaland’s historic confirmation!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: Here at the American Wild Horse Campaign, we are thrilled about the news that Deb Haaland has been confirmed by the Senate to be the next U.S. Interior Secretary. This is a critical role for not only the management of America’s wild horses and burros, but also their ability to roam freely and stay wild. We applaud this historic nomination and look forward to Secretary Haaland’s inspired leadership in the fight to protect America’s public lands and wildlife. She has long been a champion for reforming the mismanaged federal wild horse and burro program, and we look forward to working with her to implement sensible solutions to humanely manage these majestic animals -- which 80% of Americans want to protect. Will you donate $25 to keep the good news for wild horses coming? This is a HUGE victory for wild horses. The American Wild Horse Campaign successfully launched a grassroots push, which resulted in over 5,000 letters sent to Senators all across the country in support of Deb Haaland’s confirmation. Now we have a wild horse-friendly Secretary of the Interior who we will work with to put the brakes on the BLM’s plans for mass roundups and inhumane sterilization of wild horses. The work has just begun and Secretary Haaland will need our unwavering support to overcome opposition to reforming the BLM’s mismanaged wild horse and burro program. The stakes are high. Right now, the beloved Onaqui wild horses of the West Desert in Utah are scheduled for roundup and removal starting July 1. The Bureau of Land Management is still planning to conduct brutal sterilization procedures on captive wild mares from the Confusion HMA in Utah. And Congress has begun its annual Appropriations process and is considering funding for the BLM’s inhumane Wild Horse and Burro Program. We are counting on your help to stay in the field, in the courts, and on the Hill to protect wild horses and burros! Will you donate $25 or as much as you can today? Thank you, Grace Kuhn Communications Director American Wild Horse Campaign ...
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Welcome to the Interior Department, Secretary Haaland!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign: News & Alerts It's official! Rep. Deb Haalad has been confirmed as the new Secretary of the Interior! As the first Native American nominated to this position, Secretary Haaland has bravely broken through barriers and the significance of her leading the Department of Interior cannot be overstated. Her historic and inspiring confirmation is a ray of hope for all Americans who cherish our public lands and wildlife, and especially our magnificent wild horses and burros. Before the Senate’s historic vote to confirm her nomination, Secretary Haaland tweeted: Indeed as a Congresswoman from New Mexico, Secretary Haaland was a champion for the environment and our public lands - including the protection of the wild horses and burros that call them home. Secretary Haaland brings a new ethic to the table right where it matters most, at the heart of the Interior Department. In the House of Representatives she:
  • Co-sponsored a historic House amendment, initiated by AWHC and our coalition partners in DC, requiring the BLM to redirect $11 million of the Bureau of Land Management’s annual budget towards PZP fertility control, rather than mass roundup and removals.
  • Cosigned a bipartisan letter, urging the Senate to pass the fertility control amendment.
  • Took a stand against the BLM’s brutal surgical sterilization procedures, urging it to instead use humane, scientifically proven fertility control methods.
With Secretary Haaland at the helm, we are moving in the right direction -- towards the protection and preservation of America’s iconic wild horses and burros. AWHC looks forward to implementing sensible solutions to humanely manage these majestic animals that 80 percent of Americans want to protect. So, please join us in welcoming and celebrating Secretary Haaland by signing our card that will be delivered to her office. >>Sign the Card Today<< Wild horses have a fighting chance. This is our moment. This is our time. Welcome to the Interior Department, Secretary Haaland! The AWHC Team   ...
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