“Why don’t you sue?” — We are


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

A common question we get asked when we shine a spotlight on cruel practices and unjust policies that threaten our wild horses is:

“Why don’t you sue?”

The answer is – we are! The American Wild Horse Campaign currently has 6 active lawsuits. We consider litigation as one of our central pillars of defense against the increasing number of threats facing wild horses and burros throughout the West.

We’ve had some incredible successes – putting in place legal protections that will stand the test of time. In the case of Devil’s Garden, we’re currently suing to protect nearly 500 wild horses from potentially being sold to slaughter.

Take a moment to read below about how we’re defending wild horses and burros in the courts of law.

And if you can – be one of the 100 donors we need to step up on this #WildHorseWednesday before midnight so we can continue to advocate and defend our wild horses and burros.

We’re only able to get involved in these legal fights because of supporters like you donating to emails like these. Be one of the 100 donors we need to step up before midnight on this #WildHorseWednesday to support our work! >>

Thank you for looking this over and for your continued support,

American Wild Horse Campaign

P.S. – Getting the word out about our work helps us out immensely! So if you could forward this email to three friends, then we can close out this #WildHorseWednesday knowing we made a difference in the fight to defend America’s wild horses and burros!

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