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  1. Denise Bensusan
    September 16, 2017 @ 1:27 am

    You must ask yourself who or what entity is pressuring leadership to destroy these beautiful gracious FREE animals… So far my research is telling me 2 top contenders..BIG, GREEDY, DIRTY, LIFE KILLING, PROFIT AT ANY COST ENERGY PRODUCERS.i.e.URANIUM MINES..Transfer Pipeline’s just like Standing Rock. The plan has been in the works for MANY YEARS from Canada through the Southwest (right through Mohave County AZ) and onward through Texas and down to Mexico. The PUBLIC LANDS that they have been promised by corrupt officials are the GOLDEN EGG for them? Destroy massive acreage throughout the Southwest, take control of what water might be left and sell it to the highest bidder. THEN pass on the actual clean up costs to the tax payer via SUPER FUNDS and such…point in fact Uranium contamination cannot be cleaned up sufficiently as to not cause irreparable damage to everything around it…AIR, WATER, EXTENSIVE HEALTH IMPAIRMENTS! We hear that some of these corporations and others have been given the open house tour in advance of the PUBLIC LAND SALE/fraud going on in our government? ….

    The second, and I really hate this as I come from a proud family farm background in the Midwest and I have lived in the middle of free roam range for almost 20 years..I consider a few of the ranchers my friends. This is why I researched and researched to be sure I came to the right premise concerning this….The stats conclude that cattle dominate the use of PUBLIC LAND at minuscule cost. There are MILLIONS of free range cattle roaming public lands while only about 16,000 to 20,000 Wild Horses live there. The cattle are far more destructive than the horses. ALSO the government is siphoning MILLIONS to cover the deficit of these ranching programs…It costs more to run the program then they take in from the ranchers. I know that my family fed, watered and cared for their livestock on their own dime as they should because it is a BUSINESS FOR PROFIT….That’s our tax dollars and our public lands.

    Although I am never surprised at what some will do for money and power I find it ALARMING that the PEOPLES outcry on these vital issue…extinction of species, destruction of the environment for profit, tax dollars for private entity’s doing business for profit…;How much longer will we tolerate this dominance as AMERICANS….????


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