We’re changing the wild horse narrative


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Wild horses and burros get a bad rap in the media. These American icons are all too often labeled “invasive” and scapegoated as the cause of land degradation in the West.

We both know that’s not true. So we’re working to change the narrative from this:




The plight faced by our cherished wild horses and burros is fueled by misinformation. These innocent animals are blamed for environmental damage across the West when they only inhabit a tiny fraction of our public lands. In fact, research implicates commercial livestock grazing, not wild horses, as the primary cause of land degradation.

The livestock industry has lobbied Congress for decades, blaming wild horses and burros with flawed statistics to try and get its way — well, we won’t have it. 

As our organization and supporter base rapidly grows, so does our influence on Capitol Hill. We’ve built relationships with wild horse champions at the local, state, and federal levels and will continue to be the legislative voice of our cherished wild herds.

We’re demonstrating through our PZP program on the Virginia Range in Nevada that humane, in-the-wild management works. And we’re meticulously tracking and reporting on the successes of this program to show Congress and the media that there is a better way to manage wild horses and burros than costly and deadly helicopter roundups.

We’re leading the charge in the field, in courts, and on the Hill to preserve the freedom of America’s wild horses and burros. So today we’re asking, will you make a donation to fuel this powerfully important work?


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