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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Last week, President Trump reached a deal with Congress to provide a short-term, 3-month budget extension.

Good or bad news for horses? The answer is neither. The final votes to allow or stop slaughter are now delayed until early-December.

This delay does NOT mean we can let up between now and then. The Administration is still pushing for a policy of mass slaughter of America’s wild horses. The appropriations debates in Congress are ongoing. Given the House bill’s inclusion of horse slaughter language, it is absolutely critical that the Senate produce a bill that protects horses from mass killing and slaughter.  Then we’ll have a fighting chance of prevailing when the House and Senate negotiate final spending legislation.

The Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee could vote on the Interior spending bill as early as next week. So NOW is the time to contact your Senators to weigh in to protect wild horses and burros!

Tell them to OPPOSE any 2018 spending legislation that would allow for the killing or sale for slaughter of healthy wild horses and burros. 

Then click here to follow up your call with an email your U.S. Senators.

Let’s keep up the pressure. Our petition has more than 300,000 signatures, and today we’re delivering it to Senator Dean Heller’s office in Las Vegas. We’re placing stories in publications across the country, and our team is in Washington D.C. meeting with legislators. You can support us right now by following up your call with an email to your Senators.

Keep it up!

-Suzanne Roy

P.S. We’re now also facing the reality of a longer campaign. Our hope is to sustain the same size and intensity of our campaign through the December votes. Your donations are needed to help us do it. Please contribute now.

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