THIS is who’s profiting from wild horse roundups >>


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

A few short weeks ago, our investigative team emailed you with important information regarding who specifically is profiting from the brutal and inhumane practice of wild horse and burro helicopter roundups. 

The sad reality is, that an astounding 89% of the Bureau of Land Management & U.S. Forest Service helicopter roundup contracts go to cattlemen — the very same people who have been lobbying for the removal of wild horses and burros from our public lands for decades.

We received an outpouring of support since our last email, and so today we’re asking you to use your online voice and help us continue to spread awareness about this incredibly important issue. 

Our team put together a new graphic that you can share on Twitter, Facebook, or any other social platform you use to spread awareness around the plight of our wild horses and burros. Will you share this graphic to your social networks?


Spreading awareness about the threats our cherished wild mustangs and burros continue to face is one of the best ways we can enact change to protect these innocent animals. Growing our network of wild horse advocates like you means more calls to legislators for wild horse protections, more American taxpayers standing up for what their money is used for, and ultimately a better life for wild horses and burros.

Will you take action once again today and share this graphic online to spread awareness on behalf of wild horses and burros?

Thanks for all you continue to do,

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