This Earth Day we’re launching a 24-hour fundraising drive to save Wyoming’s mustangs from eradication


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The future of the Wyoming Checkerboard wild horse herds is in danger. The Bureau of Land Management’s proposed Wyoming Wild Horse Wipeout would result in the state losing more than HALF of its wild horse habitat.

Nearly 40% of the state’s wild horse population would be roundup and removed from the wild — all to allow the livestock industry and private ranchers to replace them with cattle and sheep after targeting the state’s wild horses for elimination for years.

That’s why on this Earth Day, we’ve set the 24-hour goal of raising $10,000 toward the AWHC Wyoming Legal Defense Fund.

We know this is a difficult time and many of you are not in a position to donate right now.

But at a time when the BLM is threatening to round up as many as 20,000 wild horses per year and proposing the eradication of Wyoming’s Checkerboard horses, your support is what allows us to: continue spreading the word about this cruel and costly plan, organize throughout the country in support of America’s wild horses, fight back in the courts through our legal team, operate the world’s largest humane fertility control program for wild horses, and so much more.

Can we count on you to make your first donation of 2020 by giving $20.20 or more on Earth Day to support our legal work to defend wild horses in Wyoming and all across the West this year? Wild horses don’t have a voice, so we’re giving them a FIGHTING voice through our work!

Thank you,

American Wild Horse Campaign

P.S. — We’ve gone to court three times to defend the Wyoming Checkerboard horses — and each time we’ve won. Now we’re gearing up for a fourth legal battle … and this one is literally the last stand for these iconic mustangs. Please help if you can.


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