Strong, Resilient & Fierce


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We’re still shy of our EOY matching goal… just hours left to make your tax-deductible gift and double your impact.

As I watch the clock wind down on this tumultuous and difficult year, I’m reflecting on the gratitude I feel for our amazing community of supporters, and the generous spirit and compassion of each one of you. 

The American Wild Horse symbolizes strength and resilience, the qualities our country needs right now. We enter the New Year united in our love for wild horses and burros and committed to our fight to save them.

We have an ambitious agenda for 2021, and that’s why meeting our end-of-year matching goal so important. We only have hours left.

Just today, 20 more wild horses were rounded up by helicopter from their home on our public lands in Nevada. The thought of them alone – separated from their families, trapped and terrified breaks my heart and makes me even more resolute in our work to stop this cruelty from happening.

The 90,000 wild horses and burros who remain free are counting on me, they’re counting on you, and they’re counting on us as a community to keep fighting for them.

So, let’s go into 2021 strong, resilient and fierce – like wild horses and burros – to make real change for these animals we cherish.

We have only a few hours left to meet our goal. We can do this!

On behalf of our whole team, we wish you and your families a peaceful and healthy New Year.



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