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The Elbow Pull


The “Elbow Pull” is a self-correcting restraint that encourages the equine to use his entire body to go forward in a relaxed and correct postural frame. It promotes the stretching and strengthening of the topline and results in the hind legs coming well under to support the body and to keep the hind quarters (motor) providing active impulsion. In the “before” pictures, the equines are simply moving their front and back legs underneath the torso, but the torso is not really moving due to inactivity in the rib cage muscle groups. In the “after” pictures, you see that the equine posture has dramatically changed and now produces an active and “rippling” effect throughout the rib cage muscle groups (which can be seen in the moving videos). This is the basic difference between a really good dressage prospect and one that might be passed over.

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  1. Dana Ray02-12-2021

    On July 6th of 2020, with the help of a group of other horse lovers, I brought a 17 year old Arabian gelding home to Alabama from a kill pen in Mississippi. I owned an Arabian for almost 30 years and when I saw this guys sweet face I knew I had to go get him. He was quite emaciated and I’ve spent a long time slowly bringing him to a healthy weight. I’m now in the process of doing ground work and reconditioning with him. He had lost a LOT of his top line so I’m especially interested in helping him re-condition his muscles for self carriage and hopefully carrying a rider this year. With that said, I’m very interested in using the elbow pull to help him in that regard. Do you sell those or make them? They seem very straight forward to make but I’d like to eliminate the guess work if possible. If possible can you provide me with the length of the elbow pull you use? This guy is quite tall for an Arabian. I haven’t put a stick on him to measure but I’m guessing 15 hands, give or take. I’m thinking the length would vary depending on the size of the animal… i.e. Pony vs average horse or larger warmblood or draft.
    Any assistance or advice you can provide would be very much appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Dana Ray

    • Bailey Folker02-18-2021

      Hello Dana, you can email Meredith at and she will send you information about the elbow pull. She also teaches you how to make it in the Equus Revisited DVD that can be found in our store at

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