The BLM has set its sights on the Wyoming Checkerboard Wild Horses


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) just finalized plans to eliminate more than one million acres of habitat and most of the federally-protected wild horses in the Wyoming Checkerboard.

This would be the largest eradication of these iconic animals from western public lands ever. The plan calls for the removal of every single horse from the Salt Wells Creek and Great Divide Basin Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and the drastic reduction of the Adobe Town HMA mustang population.

Our team here at AWHC have been involved in litigation to protect this iconic herd for over a decade – and we don’t plan on stopping now. Can you make a donation right now to help us prepare for the legal fight ahead to protect these wild horses and their habitat?


As a precursor to the eradication plan, the BLM conducted the largest wild horse roundup in agency history in the Wyoming Checkerboard, capturing over 4,000 wild horses and permanently removing 3,502 from their habitat. 

The BLM says that 37 wild horses were killed as a result of the roundup, but records we obtained through the Freedom of Information Act indicate the death toll in the weeks and months after the roundup was actually higher.

Most of the horses who were lucky to survive have been crammed into the Wheatland Off-Range Corrals, a facility currently experiencing a large-scale outbreak of a highly contagious infectious disease known as strangles. The disease has killed 11 horses so far.

These wild horses do no harm where they belong — in the wild, but our government is placing them in harm’s way by subjecting them to brutal helicopter roundups and cramming them into crowded, dangerous holding facilities.

Our team is leading the charge to end the cruel and harmful practice of helicopter roundups and move the BLM toward true humane protection for our wild horse populations on our public lands. Will you make a contribution today so we can continue our fight to protect the wild horses of the Wyoming Checkerboard and across the West?


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American Wild Horse Campaign

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