These photos say it all

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

This is how the BLM rounded up 30 wild horses last week in Utah:

Our team captured these photos of the helicopter hazing horses, causing some to crash through barbed wire. These photos have already reached 1.4 million people on Facebook alone!

This may be a tipping point for this movement, but we need your help to keep our observers in the field.

Right now, our observer is in Wyoming’s Red Desert, where the BLM is rounding up 1,400 wild horses from our public lands. At least six horses have died in the first five days of the roundup, including:

  • Two foals who were run to death. (“capture shock”)
  • One foal who was euthanized after breaking his leg
  • A six-year old stallion who was “injured and blinded by another stallion on a trailer”

We are the eyes and ears on the ground, holding BLM accountable for these cruel roundups. Please help keep our team in the field.


The AWHC Team