It’s worse than you think

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The BLM has been rounding up horses for decades now through brutal helicopter stampedes only to stockpile them in holding facilities. For the last two years, the agency has been asking Congress for permission to kill and slaughter these federally protected icons.

So far, Congress has said no, so now the BLM is turning to the next best thing: surgical sterilization of horses, endangering individual lives and setting our wild herds on a slow walk to extinction.

We need your help to stop this.

Beginning this fall, the BLM plans to conduct invasive surgeries on 100 mares captured in Oregon. A veterinarian will manually twist, sever and remove the mares’ ovaries with a rod-and-chain like tool. The surgery is painful and risky, and will be done under non-sterile conditions – all reasons why the National Academy of Sciences recommended against the procedure.

Worse: most of the mares will be pregnant and the surgery will cause many to abort their unborn foals.

We can, and we must, stop this. Chip in now to help us reach our $50,000 goal and fight back against the BLM’s inhumane plan.

The BLM thinks removing mares’ ovaries and castrating stallions is the way to manage these animals on the range, even though they know it will take the wild out of wild horses by destroying their natural behaviors.

We have to make sure the American people see what is being done to wild horses with their tax dollars. Help fund our efforts today.