Help us keep our billboard live in Nevada!

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

As you may know, over the last few months our team here at AWHC has been working hard to support key state legislation in Nevada called SB90. This bipartisan bill would designate the wild mustang as Nevada’s official state horse!

The wild mustang has an undeniably significant place in Nevada’s history and culture, and is a major ecotourism resource for the state. The passage of this bill would be a huge step towards recognizing the animal’s importance to the Silver State.

SB90 recently passed in the State Senate, and will soon be heard by the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs before heading to a final vote in the full Assembly. But unfortunately, hunters, trappers, and ranchers who want wild horses eradicated from public lands they call home have come out in full force against this legislation.

That’s why we’ve put up this billboard on US 395 in Nevada — to inspire the public about the true spirit of Nevada and raise awareness and support for this bill!

It’s vital that we get this bill passed so we can finally codify the wild mustang as a defining symbol of Nevada and the American West as a whole. Will you make a donation to keep our billboard live and to help us fight back against the private interests trying to stop this important legislation?


This bill is by no means controversial. Nevada already has a state bird, flower — even a rock — but no state horse, despite the significance of the wild mustang to the culture and history of the state.

As the home to over half of the nation’s wild horses, these iconic animals are celebrated in literature and art, memorialized in the names of businesses, school mascots, and neighborhoods, and adorn countless statues along Nevada’s roadways.

It’s time to make things official. If you’d like to help us keep this billboard live and ensure wild mustangs get the recognition and credit they deserve in the Silver State, please chip in whatever you can afford today!


Thank you,