HORSES NEED YOU NOW !!!! ANOTHER 48 Hour DEADLINE was SERVED moments ago….. 47 hours & 59 minutes……. COUNTDOWN TO DEATH…. URGENT HELP NEEDED

The following is from Chilly Pepper – Miracle Mustang:

ONCE AGAIN, we have been given another 48 hour deadline…… The original 8 were saved, and another rescue in WA thought that the 6 who were shipping  on Friday had all been adopted. Unfortunately, folks did not come through and there are still 4 at risk to ship  in 48 hours. There are also an additional bunch waiting to be loaded  in 48 hours.

YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT SAVED 24 LIVES !!!! You paid their bail and allowed us to do what was needed to save their lives. They included 15 foals, 3 mares with their 3 foals, 3 heavily pregnant mares and a badly injured young mare. (Sadly two little ones didn’t make it. One died in WA due to severe injuries and being septic when she came in. The other one died from starvation and dehydration at the vet’s office. We did everything possible to give him every chance. I sat with him in my lap as we helped him pass quietly from this world. He, like Luckee, tried ever so hard to fight to stay with us. He was constantly in my lap or laying with me, and PTL we had a special donor who helped with his vet bills so your funds could save other lives.

Unfortunately I received ANOTHER CALL YESTERDAY – There are 4 babies whose mom’s are shipping  on Sunday, and I was told to expect more. We are praying that the two mares who are ready to give birth do so before they are loaded. We have no option to save those two mares, but are praying they have those babies prior to being loaded on the truck. It is a horrific thought either way, but this is our reality and it is brutal. Thankfully we can save many lives with your help, and every single life we save is extremely important to that horse.

We picked up the 4 starving horses, only to have even more heartbreak. The older one who was in the absolute worst shape had to be euthanized yesterday. He went into congestive heart failure and was in agony. So once again we had to do the right thing and clean up someone else’s brutal mess. I simply have nothing left when it comes to my heart. Matt was pretty much ready to just shut this down. We have seen so much death and heartbreak these last few months, and every single one happened because we weren’t able to get to them in time.

We need urgent help immediately to save as many as we can to keep them off the truck. The NEW 48 hour deadline is ticking away as I write this. I realize that we are always having deadlines and emergenciesBut that is what the “front line” is. YOU make the difference for these lives, and I am ever so grateful. Please show your love once again.

We so appreciate y’all making it possible to keep them from suffering a horrific death by slaughter.

▪ If you see horses starving, don’t wait. Contact help immediately and feed them in the meantime. It is devastating and heartbreaking to come in too late to help.

If you want to help You can go to You Caring – to help us keep saving lives..

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if you would like to help these horses.

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