Setting the standard for wild horse and burro conservation

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Since 1971, over 22 million acres of federally designated habitat has been taken away from wild horses and burros. This significant reduction in land not only threatens their survival, but also disrupts the delicate balance of the ecosystems they inhabit. The need to conserve and enhance the remaining habitats has never been more critical.

The American Wild Horse Campaign (AWHC) is dedicated to preserving the lifelong freedom of America’s wild horses and burros in their natural habitats. So in response to this pressing challenge, AWHC proudly launched the Land Conservancy Project, a bold and pioneering initiative aimed at preserving and enhancing key habitat so that America’s herds can live wild and free in ecological balance with other wildlife.

Last year, as part of this project, we acquired 3,300 acres of prime habitat within Nevada’s picturesque Carson Valley. This land is part of the habitat for the federally-protected Fish Springs wild horses, including the beloved lead stallion Max and his family.

Photo by JT Humphrey

Through this pilot program, we are setting the conservation standard for wild horse and burro protection. Our dedicated land manager, along with a team of passionate experts, is on the ground, actively tracking wild horse movements, studying the intricacies of the land, and undertaking vital habitat restoration projects. Through the use of trail cameras, we are gaining invaluable insights into how wild horses and local wildlife coexist peacefully, sharing the resources this land provides.

If you’d like to support this program and help us expand to other areas of the West, please consider making a donation today. Your generosity can help ensure we have the resources we need to make this initiative a success.


Stay tuned for future updates on the progress of the program. And as always, thank you for standing with our wild herds.

American Wild Horse Campaign

P.S. In case you missed it, this Friday is National Horse Protection Day! To honor this very important cause, we are leading a national day of action to support key legislation in Congress aimed at halting helicopter roundups and enabling better in-the-wild conservation solutions! Can we count on you to join us on March 1st? If so, share this graphic on your social media pages to spread the word!