URGENT: Colorado’s wild horses need your voice RIGHT NOW

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

We need you to take immediate action for Colorado’s wild horses!

Right now, the Colorado Senate’s committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources is considering a forward-thinking bipartisan bill, Senate bill SB23-275. This piece of legislation has the potential to reduce the need for roundups and removals of Colorado’s wild horses by allocating $1.5M in state funding and resources to expand existing fertility control and on-range stewardship efforts.  

With federal funds currently being directed towards managing an over-capacity crisis in wild horse and burro holding facilities and an inadequate investment in on-range conservation tools, this is Colorado’s best available option to keep more wild horses on the range and help to reduce the traumatic reactive cycle of large-scale helicopter roundups in future years. SB23-275 could put Colorado at the forefront of humane wild horse management in the West. 

Meredith, SB23-275 will be heard tomorrow by the Senate’s committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources and your Senator is on the committee. Will you please take the following actions right now?

1.   Call your Senator Janice Marchman at (303) 866-4835. You can say, “Hi, My name is [NAME] and I am calling from [TOWN/CITY] to ask that Senator [NAME] please vote to SUPPORT SB23-275, the Wild Horse Project. Thank you.”

2.   Send an email by clicking here.

Your voice matters in Colorado. Please use it to speak up for our wild mustangs! 

Thank you,

The AWHC Team