You did it (and what’s next!)

The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

You did it. In less than a week, you blew past our goal of $10,000 to put a billboard up in Salt Lake City during the pro-slaughter “Wild Horse Summit.” Thanks to your help, the billboard goes up tomorrow morning as legislators and pro-slaughter “wildlife managers” arrive in Utah. (We’ll post pictures of the live billboard on our Facebook page early this week.)

We’ve now raised nearly $20,000 and if we can raise another $10,000, we can add billboards in Phoenix, Reno, and Las Vegas — targeting some of the key votes that could decide the fate of wild horses in our country.

Will you donate right now and help us expand our impact to prevent the slaughter of America’s wild horses?

The summit this week in Salt Lake City is a sham. The gathering will bring together pro-slaughter “wildlife managers” and other special interests to lay the roadmap for the killing of America’s healthy wild horses. They’re banking on the pro-slaughter legislation passing.

We were not invited. People with actual experience implementing humane management solutions are being deliberately excluded. Peer-reviewed science documenting the success of humane fertility control as an alternative to roundup and slaughter is being censored.

But we’re not going to let federal officials and politicians hear only their one-sided, pro-slaughter message. Our billboard goes up on Monday, we’re saturating the event and hotel with mobile and digital ads, and on Wednesday we’re working with our coalition partner, The Cloud Foundation, and convening a press conference to raise attention to our (correct) side of the story.

We will not let undecided legislators and the media get taken for a ride.

This has to be our strategy nationwide. Our opponents are running aggressive campaigns to get their way. They’re convening summits, holding dinners, and lobbying. They’re banking on the hope that we won’t be as aggressive or as savvy. They’re wrong.

Please donate now, and help us get up billboards in other key districts while we expand our grassroots, lobbying and digital campaigns nationwide.

Thank you,

Suzanne Roy