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South Dakota update on Court Case on remaining 540 horses from Chilly Pepper!


The following is an update from Chilly Pepper-Miracle Mustang Rescue.

After days of driving very slowly on solid ice and snow, we arrived safely after delivering the horses to their new homes. Matt and I have never seen so many wrecks. It was truly terrifying with our precious cargo on board. But our prayers were answered and we had Angels all around us.

We delivered Copper, Delilah, Precious and Abilene (shown above) safely to their new homes and headed back towards ISPMB. As you can see, by the photo below, the snow is once again a hindering factor in our work.

This photo was taken just before we arrived at ISPMB. Snow has actually drifted so high over some of the fencing that horses can simply walk out.

As we were driving, I received a message from the Sheriff that the court hearing had been cancelled. A deal had been reached between Karen Sussman and the Counties. Karen gets to keep 20 of her favorite Gila horses and the rest have been turned over to Fleet of Angels.

So the work begins. While I would much rather be back home taking care of our critters, there are 520 horses needing homes immediately!!

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