What’s New with Roll? Lunging & Mounting


Roll had a very good day today. It has been awhile since his last workout and I wasn’t sure I was going to ride him, but I saddled him in case he looked like he would be able to handle it. Roll had a chiropractic adjustment on his right hip that helped the twisting right foot to be able to move in a more straight forward fashion. Equines, like us, can get locked up when we don’t move around enough and I suspect that is what happened with Roll’s hip.

We went to the round pen and did 5 rotations of walk each direction and 8 rotations of trot each direction. Then I climbed on board with no help this time, Steve came in and removed the mounting block and we were off. Roll did fantastic. He was a little lazy, but very light in the bridle and very willing to do two rotations at walk each direction with an “S” turn through the middle for a change of direction with a rein back at the beginning and end of his workout. Since he had not worked in awhile, I left it up to him as to whether he felt like breaking into trot. He did not seem to want to do this with no cues from me, so I opted not to press him any further. He had already done much more than I expected that he would!


  1. Judy and Owen09-29-2012

    We were so happy to see how much Roll has imoproved and so sad we are not going to get to see him this fall, but in the late spring we will try again. He seems to be a very happoy mule now and in much better condidion. Keep up the GREAT work with him, Meredith!

    Judy and Owen

  2. laura10-11-2012

    It’s great to see him doing so well! That’s what love, good care and respect will do – heal a broken body and mend spirits.

  3. Hannah02-05-2013

    GO Roll GO!!

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