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Although it looks like the same horses, look at the fencing and you can tell it is not the same kids. * *

Wow, This is one of the craziest rescues we have ever been on. Please remember, the Chilly Pepper “organization” consists of just myself and Matt assisting. One of the reasons why my Thank You notes are always late. :(

We are really struggling on this rescue, as there has been a great deal of loss and we are literally sitting on so many horses.

We do this because God puts it in front of us, and for the folks who can’t do it themselves, and who are always asking us to save the horses. BUT WE SIMPLY CANNOT DO IT WITHOUT YOUR HELP. We will do the work if we have the funds.

We do not have enough funds right now to keep buying this much feed and save the new kids that we were called about yesterday. There are more to be paid for, vetted and gotten to safety as I type this.

The horses would have all been moved within the next couple of days if things had gone according to our plan. However, although I don’t always understand God’s plans, I do ALWAYS TRUST that there is a reason. (Boy would I like to know what it is lol). Because our plans to have them all out of here and be back home went right out the window due to a paperwork issue.

Out of the 46 horses, there are 30+ orphaned babies who were still nursing and need milk. Luckily some of them will be transitioning over to pellets which are not quite as expensive. These kids are in rough shape, and full of parasites and just exhausted. They NEED GOOD GROCERIES to get them back to where they should be.

We have been dealing with a lot of injuries, and sadly have seen more loss of life than anyone should ever see. The heartbreak just keeps on coming. We have 4 in the “hospital pen” who are in extremely rough shape at this point and who require expensive medication and constant care.

Milk for ONE BABY is about $300 per month. We are currently going through that much EVERY SINGLE DAY – , and this is not including the additional milk pellets, grain, hay or supplements etc. There are MORE BABIES needing a commitment today, and not all of the babies here have been paid for, so the “floaters” in all reality still belong to the catcher.

It is heartbreaking and overwhelming. Everyone here is exhausted and there is no choice but to just “git ‘er done”. How do you look in their eyes and not help? This is why we are their voice and ask you for help to save their lives.

We never could have guessed we would be stuck here with so many horses to feed, and these babies need your help today. It is simply out of our control. We have not gotten “clean paperwork” so we are simply stuck. Hopefully the issue will be resolved tomorrow, but for now we have to feed everyone that has been saved. (We still have to have someone feeding and caring for the horses at home every single day we are here.)

Out of the 46, 14 are heading to Texas, 3 mares & foals are headed to CA, 2 or 3 should be going to Wyoming and 2 are tentatively scheduled for Utah. Thankfully the other 5 mares and 2 of the yearlings are headed to southern Idaho. We have so many amazing folks willing to help place them, ONCE we have paid for all the initial costs. So again, we are not ‘hoarding”, but saving their lives and getting them to safety. The stallion and 15? orphans will be coming to Chilly Pepper until we find them a good home.

Please keep these babies safe. Step one was getting them here. But now we have to actually feed and take care of them. Thank you for taking a quick minute and sending whatever you can. These kids have been through heck. They were run for 100 +/- miles, left in the trap with no feed or water for 24-48 hours, and then they were stripped away from their families. It is heartbreaking listening to them cry for their mama’s. We need to AT LEAST be able to provide proper feed for them.

So the babies are counting on you once again. Thank you for your help!

Taking a nap after filling up their bellies.

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