Our Fund goes further than just foal rescues!!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Over the past few days, you’ve heard all about how our Rescue Fund has helped rescue and support some of the most vulnerable baby foals from Nevada’s Virginia Range.

While foal rescues are a critical part of our work, they aren’t the only thing our Rescue Fund’s resources go towards! Another incredibly important aspect of our Rescue Fund is offering financial support to on-the-ground rescue organizations to help get wild horses and burros of all ages out of kill pens AND support their continued care after they’ve been rescued.

We set a goal to raise $15,000 by tonight at midnight to replenish the resources of our Rescue Fund to help even more horses and burros in need. We’re so close to reaching our goal, Meredith — will you donate whatever you can right now to help us get there before midnight?


Just this month, we sponsored the feed, veterinary care, and farrier bills for three beautiful mustang mares and their babies who found safe haven at Oklahoma-based rescue organization RJF Equine after being rescued from various kill pens across the West. Meet the mares and their babies:

Uno and her baby!

Uno is a beautiful pinto mare from the US Forest Service-managed Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory in California. She was born wild and free in 2018 but was soon rounded up by the agency and sent to a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) holding facility. From there, she was adopted through the disastrous Adoption Incentive Program (AIP) and arrived at a kill pen soon after her adopter received the full incentive payment. When RJF Equine saved her from slaughter, she was pregnant and soon gave birth to a beautiful appaloosa baby!

Duo’s baby Gemini

Duo is a stunning bay mare also from the Devil’s Garden Wild Horse Territory. Like Uno, she was pregnant when RJF Equine rescued her from a kill pen, and was able to give birth to a beautiful baby named Gemini.

Trinity and her three-day-old filly

Trinity and her adorable foal are RJF Equine’s most recent kill pen rescues! Thanks to the rescue’s swift action, this sweet filly gets to grow up strong and healthy by her mother’s side and the pair are safe from the horrific fate of slaughter.

We’re honored to work alongside and support our rescue partners, like RJF Equine, that do so much to save our beloved mustangs and burros from danger. And we couldn’t be more grateful for our other partner in these rescues — you

Without the help of supporters like you, this work wouldn’t be possible. Your support for our Rescue Fund gives us the means to sponsor continued care for these deserving horses and many more like them. So today, as we aim to hit our $15,000 Rescue Fund goal, will you make another donation to help us support more lifesaving rescues?


Thank you for your support,


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