Just $1,216 to go for our Rescue Fund! Can you help us??


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

With just a few hours to go until midnight, I wanted to make sure I updated you on our progress:

Right now, we’re just $1,216 away from hitting our $15,000 Rescue Fund goal! That is truly astonishing progress, but as you know, to make the maximum impact for these vulnerable animals, we need to raise the full amount.

What does hitting this $15,000 goal mean? It gives us the resources to be ready the next time a wild horse or burro is up for purchase at a slaughter auction or a foal is found in critical condition on the range.

Your support drives just how many rescues we are able to power. So, with just a few hours until midnight, I’m asking if you’ll chip in so we can better support the on-the-ground organizations doing the hard work of rescuing these innocent animals and creating a safe, happy, and secure environment for them. Will you contribute to help us reach our $15,000 goal?


Thank you so much for stepping up to help us protect these animals and provide support to organizations whenever we are called upon!

— Suzanne

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