NO horse should ever be subjected to this


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

The only “crime” wild horses have committed is being born wild. With a fair resource allocation, our public lands could easily support the existing wild horse population — and claims to the contrary are being promoted by the livestock industry, which has everything to gain from the horses’ elimination.

NO wild horse should be cruelly stampeded by helicopters, trapped and sent to crowded holding pens.

NO mare should have her ovaries barbarically removed through an outdated surgical procedure that has been condemned by veterinarians, animal protection groups, and scientists.

NO foal should be separated from his or her family and sold off in auctions, sometimes for as little as $1 (in the case of horses removed from Forest Service land).

AWHC is fighting to make sure that wild horses and burros are protected. And we’re getting results — we’ve delayed roundups and proven that they are unnecessary with our model fertility control program. We’ve prevented the BLM from conducting dangerous and inhumane sterilization surgeries that would endanger individual horses and threaten wild herds. We’re currently fighting to stop the BLM from rounding up 3,000 wild horses in Wyoming and to prevent the Forest Service’s ‘horse dumping’ policy.

When you donate today and tomorrow, you DOUBLE the resources available to our team to continue to give wild horses a FIGHTING voice. They don’t have a voice, so we have to use ours.

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American Wild Horse Campaign

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