Nevada to Give Away Virginia Range Mustangs – Please Help!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Nevada’s beloved Virginia Range mustangs are in grave danger.

On Tuesday, the Nevada Board of Agriculture voted to direct the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) to transfer ownership of the estimated 3,000 Virginia Range horses to a private entity. The new “owner” would then have private “property rights” entitling them to do whatever they want with the horses, including send them to slaughter.

The Board’s vote defied the will of the public and business community, which turned out in force to oppose this dangerous giveaway. The only comment in favor of the plan was made “Protect the Harvest,” an organization whose top priority is legalizing the slaughter of America’s horses and burros.

For years, AWHC has worked to protect the Virginia Range horses. Through Cooperative Agreements with the State, we implemented the world’s largest humane birth control program and rescued over 240 horses from slaughter. Then on October 25, the NDA abruptly cancelled these agreements.

It’s clear that the good-old-boy cattlemen’s network is taking advantage of the horses’ legal vulnerability (the horses are not protected under federal law) to push their agenda of mustang roundup and slaughter.

We can’t – and won’t – let this stand. While we explore legal and political avenues to challenge this action, we need you to contact Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval – he has power to reverse his administration’s decision that jeopardizes the future of this historic herd.

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