It’s Burro Awareness Month!


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

It’s the first day of May – and you know what that means – the first day of Burro Awareness Month!

AWHC started Burro Awareness Month over a decade ago to highlight the beauty of one of our favorite equine species, the curious wild burros of the American Southwest, and to educate the public about the unique struggles they face.

Originating in Africa, burros were first introduced to the Southwest by the Spaniards in the 1500s. They would go on to serve as reliable pack animals for explorers and pioneers on their treks throughout the West in the centuries thereafter, surviving even when the harsh conditions claimed the lives of their human partners. Today, most of America’s wild burros reside in Arizona, where they’ve been present since 1679!

Despite having the same rich history and cultural significance as wild horses, burros unfortunately receive far less attention. That’s why it’s about time we make Burro Awareness Month a national holiday! Will you join us in calling for May to become nationally-recognized as Burro Awareness Month by signing our petition below?


Over the next few weeks, we’re going to focus on all things pertaining to our beloved burros. And today, we’d like to kick things off with an amazing update about our latest burro rescues, Poppy and Cosmo!

Last week, we told you about the heartwarming story of these two precious little animals. With just hours left before potentially being sold off to kill buyers at the Eugene Livestock Auction, AWHC Investigations Manager Amelia Perrin managed to beat out other bidders and save Poppy and Cosmo before it was too late.

Now, thanks to your support, our furry new friends have arrived safely at 3 Sisters Equine Refuge where they can finally decompress, get vet and farrier care, and play freely to their heart’s content. See for yourself!

We are so proud that we were able to rescue Poppy and Cosmo – but there are many more burros out there that need our help, and not enough people who know about it. We’re sure that if more people learned about these beautiful creatures, they would get the attention and care they deserve! So this May, we are once again asking for your help to spread the word about our beloved wild burros. Will you sign on to our petition today to help make Burro Awareness Month a nationally-recognized holiday?




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