Introducing two new gals!


This is an update from All About Equine Rescue.

All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.

Time for a quick intro…

Meet our two new donkeys, Loretta and Lainey!

First, we would like to apologize. It’s been so busy that we’re behind with our news! We welcomed two donkeys to AAE last month. These ladies came from a family who offered to care for them temporarily to help a friend who was going through a divorce. The friend got the donks for free on Craigslist. The friend moved out of state, and the donks were left behind. The family didn’t have any equine experience and could not afford to provide for them. Their owner said to find them a new home.

Sadly, Loretta, the beautiful brown gal with the long amber mane, is aged, malnourished, and her hooves are in very bad shape. Needless to say, she’s quite arthritic, too. The gray donk, Lainey, is obese, and she has two large hernias from a spay-job gone bad. They are both ever so sweet, and they hold no grudges to humans.

It sounds like they’d never had any veterinary care or hoof care, either. More to come soon. Prayers for Loretta that we can improve her comfort level.

Gabby Update!

Hurdles continue for our sweet Gabby! Her hoof abscesses have been relentless. Just when we thought we were over the hump, imagine three hoof abscesses at once. She’s a fighter, and we know she’s a winner!

When we picked up Gabby earlier this year, her hooves had been trimmed the day before. They looked like pancakes. She was very flat footed, and her heels were very far forward. Lest forget starvation, chronic sinus infection, painful eye infections, bloodwork, radiographs, dental, surgery, drain tube, Cushing’s disease, medications. She’s ready for a break, and it looks like we’re slowly getting to a good place, again. Send this girl some love.

Elliott Update!

This lil’ character had to go in for urgent surgery a few weeks ago, as his sheath reconfiguration was healing so well, it wanted to close again. Fortunately, this time the surgeon was able to modify the sheath again and go on a treasure hunt. Good news, he found two healthy jewels, and they were not hidden too deep so he got ’em! Now we definitively have a young gelding. Better news, Elliott is healing well, he’s urinating well, and soon he’ll soon be leading a nearly normal life thanks to all of your support. He sends an enormous thank you to all of you!




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