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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

It’s hard to fathom the shocking reality of roundups unless you’ve witnessed one. Helicopters stampeding terrified herds across public lands in the brutal summer heat. Foals separated from their mothers, often dropping to the ground due to exhaustion. Crowded pens pulsing with masses of wild horses, trapped within.

When the Triple B wild horse roundup concluded last week, 802 horses were captured. Fourteen wild horses died.

That’s why we work hard to keep representatives in the field — present for every roundup — so we can document the stampede and keep you informed, as gut-wrenching as it truly is.

Below are images and videos we captured of the recent Triple B roundup.

We are in court, in Congress, and on the range fighting to keep wild horses in the wild. Will you make a contribution to AWHC right now so we have the resources to keep up the fight?

This documentation demonstrates greed and cruelty, a reality in which private ranchers and commercial interests dictate what happens to your wild horses roaming your public land.

Donate today to fund our field representation so we can keep you informed and strengthen our case against the Bureau of Land Management.

Until roundups cease, these wild horses and thousands more across the West await an uncertain fate. Until then, our work continues.

– The AWHC Team


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