HUGE victory for our movement — here’s what it means:


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

Thanks to your support, the horses on the Virginia Range in Nevada will continue to live safe, happy lives, free to roam on the land they call home.

In 2017, the Nevada Department of Agriculture abruptly terminated our partnership to safely and effectively manage the Virginia Range wild horses using fertility control. The program was necessary to humanely reduce population growth rates in this historic mustang population whose habitat is increasingly impacted by development.

In response, we and our local coalition partners have been working hard to restart the program. We mobilized thousands of calls and emails. Local groups held 63 vigils outside the State Capitol in Carson City.

We are proud to tell you that the grassroots pressure worked…with a big assist from the business community, especially tech company Blockchains LLC, and Nevada Assembly Minority Leader Jim Wheeler! Last Tuesday we signed a Cooperative Agreement with the state to immediately resume this critical program that will humanely manage these majestic horses using safe and proven fertility control.

This news isn’t just about one state or one range. It’s about the future of this entire movement and the freedom of wild horses everywhere.

In Nevada, we can create a model to demonstrate that there is another way to manage wild horses that doesn’t involve costly and cruel roundups.

Now, we need your help. Our volunteers and staff are in the field as I write this, implementing this lifesaving program to keep wild horses wild by providing a humane alternative to removing wild horses from their homes on the range. And we’re sustaining other programs across the country to protect wild horses. Will you donate right now to support us?

The alternative to success is too awful to imagine: more round-ups; horses confined in tiny pens for the rest of their lives, or worse, sent to slaughter; breaking apart the families that residents have come to know and love for generations.

We can show that there is a better way to steward our iconic wild horse and burro populations. Please help us to make it happen by donating now.

Thank you,

Suzanne Roy


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