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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

As the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is bearing down on Colorado’s last large remaining wild horse population, we’re fighting back.

We’ve sent a legal letter calling for the delay of the Piceance wild horse roundup, we’ve mobilized thousands of wild horse advocates, and we’ve echoed the urgings of Colorado Governor Polis and Congressman Neguse to halt the helicopters and instead explore humane alternatives to manage these iconic animals. And, now we’re taking that fight right to your screen:


We are all set to launch television commercials educating the public in Colorado about what is happening to the wild horses just hours away from their homes. Public education is key to empowering more people to speak up for wild horses across the country. And people speaking up is the only thing that will save these cherished animals.

This important aspect of our advocacy is critically important, but it’s also expensive, and we need your help to get the message out loud and clear: wild horses should not be terrorized with helicopters, rounded up, confined for life, and robbed of the two things they hold dear: Family and freedom. Rush a contribution now and see a preview of our commercial before it goes live. >>


The Piceance Basin roundup has already seen the deaths of two wild horses since its start. And still vulnerable foals like two-week-old Elote, a beloved Piceance horse, and pregnant mares are being chased by helicopters. Together, we can enact change, but we need to make every citizen aware of the cruelty that our tax dollars are funding. Please, if you’re with us in this fight, donate to power our TV ads today. >>


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The AWHC Team

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