HELICOPTER ROUNDUPS: Less than a month away (!!)


The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

As I write this, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is rounding up wild burros in California. Next month, the official roundup season begins in full force. In the middle of July, Utah’s Onaqui herd will be targeted.

For these wild horses and burros, the dust never settles.

As you know, a huge part of our work involves observing and documenting as many roundups as we can. We do this to hold the agencies and government contractors accountable for their often inhumane actions. And, we report to the public what happens at each roundup on public land, so you’re informed.

Help fuel our programs. Please donate $30 today, and help us work to make roundups a thing of the past!


But, we’re doing far more than just documenting. We’re fully engaged on the ground and working to ensure that cruel roundups are minimized — and ideally eliminated — in the future.

  • We’re working in Congress to ensure that protective language is being submitted that would give funds to in-the-wild management to begin the shift away from removals.
  • In Onaqui, we have submitted a scientific plan for the humane management of the beloved horses that would leave them wild.
  • We are working with a prestigious University on a rulemaking petition to make violations of the BLM’s animal welfare standards enforceable by law.
  • We are proving humane management can work to keep wild horses wild through the world’s largest fertility control program for mustangs in Nevada.

We need all hands on deck, Erica, because the Biden Administration just released the next fiscal year’s budget, and it includes a $36.8 million increase for the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Program. The new proposal also continues the Trump Administration’s accelerated roundup plan that could remove nearly 90,000 wild horses and burros from their homes over just the next five years!

We’re pulling out all the stops. We’re using our legal, legislative, scientific and grassroots resources to do everything we can to halt this inhumane and antiquated population control tactic. Can you make a $30 donation today to help us have the resources necessary to continue our efforts?


Thank you for your support,
Suzanne Roy

Executive Director
American Wild Horse Campaign

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