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The following is from the American Wild Horse Campaign:

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On Tuesday, BLM will resume rounding up wild horses with helicopters. Wild horses will be traumatized, terrified, driven for miles and trapped in pens. They will lose their families and their freedom, forever. 

We’re not letting BLM get away with it.

Our field representative will head to Utah tomorrow for the BLM’s roundup in Muddy Creek — a 443 square mile public lands area swarming with private cattle but where fewer than 200 horses roam. 

Last month, our field representatives documented BLM helicopters chasing horses into barbed wire in Utah, and literally running foals to death in Wyoming. This cruelty would be happening out of the public eye if not for work to expose it.

Help us do all we can to stop the roundups. Donate now to protect wild horses from this horrific fate.

Our roundup documentation and humane observation program is not cheap. But it is critically important. Often we’re the only eyes on the roundups besides the ranchers, who want the public lands cleared of wild horses so they can graze more cattle and sheep. 

The fix is in for our wild horses and we’re exposing it every way we can. And bringing it to the doors of our lawmakers, who have the power to demand change. 

Our field representative leaves tomorrow… will you help us keep him in the field?

Thank you. 

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director


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