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Attention Party Animals! You’re Invited!

This is an update from All About Equine Rescue. All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. Join us as we look back at Ballerini's first year and enjoy watching her partake in the first birthday smash cake tradition! This will be one party you won't want to miss! Web link to follow. Thank you for your support helping horses each and every day! Your donations, volunteering, adopting, and social media shares & likes allow us to make this work possible! ...
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Dakota’s Story!

This is an update from All About Equine Rescue. All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc. Dakota Dakota is a tribal mustang originally from the Dakotas. We first met him in the fall of 2021 when we picked him up from a distressed sanctuary. He's a little guy, mid-teens, and we were told he'd been ridden in the past. This handsome gelding was fearful of humans in general, but he really did not like it when anyone approached him from the side or behind too quickly. He also had painful heel cracks that closely approached his coronet bands. Dakota's basic care had been neglected for some time. Once at AAE, his hoof and dental care needs were met, and he received ...
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Chilly Pepper – Starving horses are here! We picked up all 20 horses. Now the work begins.

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: UPDATE - We have successfully pulled ALL 20 (not 18) horses in this rescue. THANK YOU MY CHILLY PEPPER FAMILY! AS ALWAYS, YOU ROCK!! Now the real work begins. With the good news comes sad as well. We had to say goodbye to Dusty, (one of the severely starved colts.) Doc had to end Dusty's suffering as he was experiencing severe seizures to the point he couldn't even stand up. Snowman was suffering and after spending the night at the hospital Doc said it was time. Starvation is one of the most painful ways to die. It is excruciating and being starved will damage the organs where they often cannot be repaired. Both left with full ...
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UPDATE on the Starvation Case. 7 More Horses to Save if we can raise the funds to make it happen.

The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: UPDATE - There are still more horses to pull. (7 or 8, I believe). We are working on getting the last ones, but still haven't even begun to raise enough for the 1st group. This is when I have to run on Faith Alone. We raised about $3000, and that just about covers yesterday's vet bill which will easily be over $1500 for Coggins and some blood tests, and transportation for the youngsters to our sister rescue in Idaho. We haven't even begun to raise enough funds to feed and care for the 1st group, yet I need to grab the last ones. Luckily Dustin' Time Rescue is taking on the youngsters, They ...
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The following is from Chilly Pepper - Miracle Mustang: We are starting off 2023 with a huge and tragic call for help. There are 18? wild mustangs, domestics? who are starving to death.Their owners are deathly ill and have reached out for emergency help. There are 6 ? young stallions who will need gelded, once they are stable enough for surgery, and every one of these will need special care extra groceries, vetting etc. It costs roughly $450 to feed and care for one of these horses AFTER IT IS RESCUED. This DOES NOT include the initial expenses to save the horse, transportation, get it coggins and gelded if needed. Gelding can be $350 on up, and I HAVE TO RAISE ENOUGH ...
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