Day 25: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


The following is from All About Equine Animal Rescue:

As we count down to 2021, join us every day this month as we share stories from the barn that show how your support has helped horses in 2020.

With the uncertainties and challenges of this year, we truly appreciate your generosity and support.

A Favorite Christmas Story


Maddie and Rascal have been buds for a while. They are two very special girls that both had very rough entries into this world, but they are doing very well. This year, the best gift ever, they went to their new home together! Rascal’s story is a long one, poor lil’ thing went through so much, but her will to live was ferocious.

Rascal faced a lot of challenges from her first day on Earth! Many of you may have heard her story, but reminiscing about Rascal never gets old. AAE got a call for help with on April 5, 2017. Rascal was just hours old; she became an orphan when her mom scaled a six foot paddock and left her behind. She was located over five hours away, so we mobilized and met in Reno to pick her up. Her lil’ body was very weak, and she couldn’t get up on her own.

First stop from Reno was Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center. Surprisingly, her initial outlook wasn’t horrible. She was diagnosed with selenium deficiency…

She was hospitalized. The initial outlook was fairly good, but after getting blood results, it was bad. Then, we got call at midnight and her blood values were moving in the wrong direction. We were preparing for not so good news in the morning. HOWEVER, Rascal had different plans. By morning, she was fighting back, she was drinking milk replacer on her own. As it turns out, she was fighting a severe selenium deficiency that caused white muscle disease, which also put her kidneys in distress. Her blood levels started trending in the right direction. There was no doubt she wanted to live! She was a FIGHTER, and she battled to live.  Docs thought she was likely she’s dealing with the results of being rejected by mom, stresses of transport, and secondary effects resulting from mom’s malnourishment and selenium deficiency. but they were hopeful that with 5 +/- days of hospitalization and supportive care, she had a good shot at a relatively normal life. A BIG THANK YOU to LBEMC for their quick actions and the outstanding care provided for this little filly.

The days passed, and her progress was steady but slow. After 13 days in the hospital, she still couldn’t stand up on her own. We brought her home to continue treatment. That basically meant 24/7 care, but fear not, AAE volunteers rose to the occasion. This little gal had someone with her at all times. Rascal was playful and sassy, can’t you tell? We had so much fun with her, and she was a super sport!

Even this special volunteer kept a watchful eye. Like Holli, volunteers slept beside her at night, not the least bit phased by the enormous rats that ran across the rails of the barn and the roof. Rascal had to be lifted to her feet every two hours. Once standing, she was fine. She would romp around the inside of the barn at night, and she run around the outside of the barn by day.

After 13 days at LBEMC and another 13 days at AAE, Rascal was able to STAND up on her own.

As if selenium deficiency, white muscle disease, and distressed kidneys weren’t enough, Rascal had several more hurdles along the way including an umbilicus infection, two bouts with c. diff bacteria (diarrhea doesn’t begin to describe it), large umbilical hernia (some would say she was a he) followed by surgical repair, an enormous hoof abscess, then chronic diarrhea for nearly a year.  Once the diarrhea resolved, so did all of her health issues. Today, she is healthy and thriving (and she passes normal poop). For Rascal, that’s reason to celebrate.

Beautiful girl about a year old.

Growing up

Love this girl.

She had a lot of interest and a few adoptions fell through for one reason or another

Then this happened! We couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity for Rascal and Maddie.

This video never gets old

Rascal video


You met Maddie with her mom, Tae, earlier this month.

Maddie was only a few days old when she arrived at AAE. This beautiful little gal was being rejected by her mom. Mom was young, and this was probably her first foal, but sheesh, she needs to eat (drink). It was truly hard to watch.

Mom would bite her every time she tried to nurse, and she had little sores all over her tiny body. Sadly, as we were observing, mom was escalating, and it seemed to be getting more serious.

Smart little Maddie knew how to think outside of the box; she was creative. She learned she could come in the back side to find a teat. Unfortunately, she didn’t nurse like that all the time. After a while, mom picked her up with her teeth, and she tossed her. Heartbreaking to see! At that point, it didn’t look like these two would work out, so we separated them. An hour, maybe two passed.

Without baby beside her, Mom began to worry. We tried re-uniting them once more, and thankfully, everything changed. From that point on, these two were a great pair.

Soon it was time to stand on her own, but really, Maddie has always been her own girl. She’s smart, witty, sassy, and strong (minded). This is going to be one dynamo partner, but you’ll need to assure her you’re the better leader.

Before long, it was time for school, but this lil gal is still young, so she learned the basics, then she waited. And, while she waited, you know what happened next! So grateful! Happily ever after!

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