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AWHP UPDATE: Four Days Left to Help These Foals!


logo_2The following is a call for support from the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.



Dear Meredith,

These innocent baby mustangs were at their mothers’ sides living wild and free in Nevada just days before these photos were taken. Now they cling together in the BLM’s holding pens near Reno after being captured in the BLM’s Owyheee roundup last month. Like shadows, or partners in a haunting dance, they stay side by side as they circle the feedlot pen, afraid and alone.


We call these youngsters Opal and Sapphire. The BLM robbed them of their freedom and their families. Now agency policy threatens their very lives.

The fate of Opal and Sapphire and 45,000 other wild horses and burros stockpiled in holding facilities literally hangs in the balance. Pressure is mounting to lift the ban on killing these horses and selling them for slaughter. The new Congress and Administration will determine whether they live or die.

We face the fight of our lives in 2017 to stop the slaughter of innocent wild horses like Opal and Sapphire. Please fight with us by making an end-of-year donation today. 

Opal and Sapphire are a reason to give. Their future depends on you.

In Freedom,

Suzanne Roy, Executive Director

P.S. Remember… all end of year donations made by midnight on December 31st will be matched, so please double your impact today!  Thank you!!

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